Strong inside and out

Water Storage Tinacos


  • Unique design, with structural rings that guarantee greater strength and durability.
  • Made with virgin polyethylene of the highest quality.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Equipped with the basic accessories necessary for installation and operation.
  • Multi-layer design, which ensures that the water content stays fresher and completely hygienic.
  • Vent built into the surface of the Rhinotank, which simplifies the installation of the same.
  • Equipped with hermetic screw cap, which prevents the entry of insects and impurities and facilitates the cleaning of its interior.
  • Lifetime warranty *
Capacity (L)Capacity (Gal.)Height (m)Diameter (m)Supply (people)
  • Float with rod
  • Valve for afloat
  • Filter for sediment
  • Air vent
  • Spherical valve
  • Adapter

– Limpiar el área donde se instalará el  RHINOTANK. Esta área debe ser mayor que el fondo del Rhinotank. donde éste debe apoyar en su totalidad.
– Instalar el Rhinotank en esta superficie y asegurarse que el mismo quede debidamente nivelado.
– Ubicar el Rhinotank a un nivel de altura de mínimo 2 metros sobre la regadera más alta de su vivienda.